Arts Flashback

To celebrate Arts Victoria's 40th anniversary we've hit the archives
and uncovered some choice moments in the development of
Victoria's arts sector.

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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra meets with llocals  Source: Castlemaine State Festival
Art in the Streets. Image Courtesy of Public Record Office Victoria


Art in the streets

Art in the streets – in 1977, the Ministry of the Arts, in conjunction with Australian Posters Pty Ltd, invited young artists to submit designs for large-scale advertising billboards to be placed around Melbourne.


Four works were selected by a panel of art critics and curators, and Stephen Armstrong, Ross Duncan, Irene Barberis and Jonas Balsaitis were commissioned to bring their designs to life. The billboards were unveiled in the City Square in December and then moved around the city and suburbs.

This was one of a number of projects initiated at the time to bring art to the community; another was the long-running Transporting Art project.

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